Preservation Plan

Preservation Plan

In 2021, HPC completed a process of strategic planning, and updating its Historic Context Document and Comprehensive Preservation Plan to inform the Commission’s work in 2020’s and beyond. The effort sought to articulate a more inclusive history of Rapid City and describe how experience and memory have shaped sense of place and community. This work was conducted with assistance from Vantage Point Historical Services, Inc. (VPHS)

Phase I (2019): Phase I of the project included a strategic planning retreat that created a revised mission document for the HPC and drafts of the Historic Context Document and Comprehensive Preservation Plan. The original Historic Context Document was written in 1989 and the previous Comprehensive Preservation Plan was written in 2009.

Phase II (2020): Phase II produced a Themes Document that interprets the development of Rapid City along the lines of “Environment,” “Government” “Economy” and “Building Community.” This document shaped the development of a master list of representative types of places throughout Rapid City that reflect key attributes about the history of our community.

Phase III (2021): Phase III was completed in the spring of 2021. VPHS is developed a series of topical essays under broader themes of Postwar Neighborhoods and Architecture, Landscape and Memory, and Diverse Rapid City that will help guide future planning and offer suggestions for projects the RCHPC and the community can undertake to further document sites, structures, and neighborhoods that contribute to the community’s sense of its history and identity. VPHS then integrated all of the components from Phase I, II, and III into the City’s updated and finalized Historic Context Document and Comprehensive Preservation Plan.

Phase III Historic Context Document (Final - 9.59 mb) and Preservation Plan Update (Final - 1.59)

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