A resource for learning about, preserving, and promoting Rapid City’s history.

The Rapid City HPC has led a variety of projects since the organization was started in the 1970s.Check out this page for information about current, ongoing, and recent projects of the HPC.

  • Downtown Historic Buildings
    In 2012, the Rapid City Historic Preservation Commission launched the “Picture Rapid City’s Past” website to document the rich photographic history of downtown Rapid City.
  • Walking Tours
    Take a walking tour through the Downtown or West Boulevard Historic Districts.
  • Preservation Plan
    In 2021, the HPC updated the City’s Historic Context Document and Historic Preservation Plan with assistance from Vantage Point Historical Services, Inc. The planning process sought to articulate a more inclusive history of the Rapid City, describe how experience and memory have shaped sense of place and community, and inform the work of the HPC in the 2020’s and beyond.
  • 1972 Flood History
    In June of 1972 a devastating flood took the lives of 238 individuals. The flood has had a lasting impact on the City’s memory, landscape, and development policies.
  • Surveys
    Historic preservation planning takes proactive steps to document, understand, interpret, protect, and reimagine uses for cultural and historic assets
  • Historic Preservation Month
    Every year in May, local preservation groups, state historical societies, and business and civic organizations across the country celebrate Preservation Month through events that promote historic places and heritage tourism, and that demonstrate the social and economic benefits of historic preservation.
Get In Touch With Us
Contact the Rapid City Community Development Department to reach the City staff Liaison to the HPC. 605.394.4120